Cooking with Rebecca

Compliments Catering offer a brand new service where we teach students to cook basic home-cooked meals and meals they can entertain with all within a budget before they go off to university.

Groups taken of 6 and above.

If you gather a group of 7 friends you come FREE.

The cooking session will be held in Rebecca’s kitchen in South London. It will be completely personalised and will demonstrate the easiest and quickest way to produce a delicious meal. It is ideal for students going to University, who would like to learn how to entertain. You will then all sit down and eat the food that you have prepared. It is a fun and inspirational occasion. The sessions are based on 6/8 people.

Prices are dependent on the type of menu you choose, but they are all very reasonable. Please call 07850 584184 for more information.

Cooking with Rebecca

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18th Birthday Party, East London. “Thank you so much for your patience and wonderful catering” – Lindsey